"We must complete the promise of Medicare": Coteau

MPP responds to Wellesley Institute report finding 1.5 million Ontarians lack prescription drug coverage
TORONTO—Liberal MPP and Ontario LIberal leadership candidate reacted today to a new report from the Wellesley Institute (https://www.wellesleyinstitute.com/publications/coverage-gaps-for-ontario-workers/) finding that 1.5 million Ontarians lack prescription drug coverage. 
"This report affirms the critical need we have in Ontario to complete the promise of Medicare with pharmacare," said Coteau. "I have committed to leading the Ontario government that finally delivers on this long-standing need."
"This is first and foremost an initiative of fairness: all Ontarians should have access to these components of comprehensive health care. But it is also good economic policy that enhances the value of our health system in favourably differentiating Ontario from competing jurisdictions. I want Ontario to work with our federal partner, and build off the OHIP+ model I was proud to help implement, to complete the health care Ontarians receive and that contributes to our quality of life," Coteau said. 
"By redefining provincially-funded health care to include pharmacare and dental care, we will significantly increase Ontarians’ real incomes by reducing their out-of-pocket health costs. This measure will deliver results most impactfully to lower and middle-income Ontarians who today are challenged by the cost of keeping themselves and their families healthy. In our province’s future economy, completing the promise of Medicare is an essential mechanism for leveling the playing field, increasing affordability and creating fairness for Ontarians," Coteau added. 
Coteau committed to implementing pharmacare in his recent policy paper, "A New Focus on the New Economy" (https://www.anewfocuson.com/economy), arguing, "we must unite our economic-growth strategies with a modern vision of fairness and affordability for workers."
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