Coteau offers real climate plan, in contrast to Ford's failures

TORONTO--Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk’s report released Wednesday confirmed that Ford’s court fight and propaganda campaign against Ottawa’s climate action was politically motivated and partisan. Lysyk also issued a scathing condemnation of the Ford government’s own environmental plan, saying it is “not yet supported by sound evidence,” designed its emission reduction targets in a way that “did not use best practices” and proposes a program that “is not likely to achieve” its targets.

“The Auditor General has confirmed what Ontarians have known for months – Doug Ford and his Conservative colleagues just don’t get it – they do not take the climate crisis seriously,” said Michael Coteau, Liberal MPP and leadership candidate. “They’re spending our tax dollars to play politics with the environment by slagging a federal Liberal government that has a sound, workable strategy to confront climate change. It’s shameful to learn the Ford government’s own so-called plan has no basis in fact and little chance of working.”

In his policy-driven campaign for the provincial Liberal leadership, Coteau has made environmental action and the fight against climate change the top priority, issuing a detailed environmental platform and calling on Liberals to come together around the shared goal of dealing with the climate crisis (

The Coteau plan includes the evidence-based phase-in of fare-free public transit to increase ridership, massive new investment in public transit systems province-wide including to connect rural and remote communities, expansion of electric vehicle charging systems and provincial support for EV manufacturing and transition away from fossil-fuel vehicles, a massive green retrofit of public buildings to reduce emissions and cut energy consumption, sweeping measures to protect and preserve Ontario’s natural heritage and biodiversity, and strict new regulations to protect our air and water, clean up legacy environmental problems and make polluters pay for the damage they inflict on Ontario.

Environmental action is also a core part of the comprehensive Coteau economic platform ( 

“As Premier I will deliver a new partnership with Ontario business, labour and communities to bring home to our province the investment, growth, employment and benefits to be yielded by purpose-driven migration to the low-carbon economy through a climate-action plan and greening our infrastructure,” Coteau states in his economic plan.

“A green Ontario is not only an environmental imperative, it is a massive building block for constructing our future prosperity,” the MPP concluded. 

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