Coteau pledges support for Windsor’s economy on eve of debate

QUEEN’S PARK--Ontario Liberal leadership candidate and MPP Michael Coteau today pledged to lead a Liberal government that will bring business, labour and the community together to strengthen Windsor’s local economy and create jobs, on the eve of the party’s leadership debate in Windsor on Thursday night.

“As Liberal leader and Premier, I am committed to working with Windsor-Essex and other southwestern Ontario communities to accelerate their growth, create new jobs, fuel entrepreneurship, increase prosperity and share it with more working people and their families,” Coteau said.

Since launching his leadership campaign in Windsor earlier this year, Coteau has released an economic platform ( filled with initiatives that will build the local economy in Windsor-Essex and strengthen the regional economy of Southwestern Ontario. His plans include:

  • A new partnership with business, labour and communities to bring home the investment, growth, employment and benefits of migrating to the low-carbon economy through a climate-action plan and greening our infrastructure;
  • A new focus on strategic alliances with the tech and innovation sector – including in Windsor – to leverage its performance as Ontario’s fastest-growing creator of jobs and wealth;
  • An integrated approach to economic development and complementary initiatives in education, post-secondary education, skills development and training to equip young people with the skills they need for future work; and
  • A new focus on fairness and affordability to ensure prosperity is broadly shared, with workers able to attain the basic bargain of reward for hard work.

“I am ready to work with Windsor to take this city into the future,” said Coteau. “Whether it’s fare-free transit to help more people participate in the economy, revitalization of the auto sector to focus on electric-vehicle production, greening public buildings, extending high-speed internet to surrounding rural communities, or supporting the scale-up of local innovators to help them compete globally, I am clear in my commitment that Windsor has to be at the heart of a new economic strategy for this province.”

Earlier this week, in response to a question in the Legislature by Coteau, transportation minister Caroline Mulroney admitted she has made no progress on Highway 3, a crucial infrastructure priority for Windsor-Essex that literally paves the way for development and growth. 

“The Ford government doesn't get it - they are refusing to keep their promises, and they are preventing Windsor from moving forward into the future and fulfilling its potential,” Coteau said. “I am running to change the Ontario Liberal Party and to build a coalition of labour, business and community members ready to oppose Doug Ford and offer a better path forward for Ontario—in Windsor and all across the province.”

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