Coteau shows why he’s best contrast against Ford

Third-term MPP makes case for change at Ontario Liberal Party candidate showcase

TORONTO—Michael Coteau, the third-term MPP and one of the leading candidates for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race, showed tonight why he is the best contrast to go against Premier Doug Ford. He passionately made the case for changing the Ontario Liberal Party and the province for the better at the official “candidate showcase” event in downtown Toronto. 

“We should not be afraid to reimagine what our province may look like, to take bold steps and bet big on our future,” said Coteau, the MPP for Don Valley East. “We have to focus on the needs of the majority in the middle and work to restore decency in politics.”

“I’m taking a stand against Doug Ford and I hope you will join me in our values-driven campaign. I learnt my values because of where I grew up: in a working-class neighbourhood as a young immigrant, the first member of my family to graduate high school and university, the first in my family to own a home,” he said. “My success came because of hard work, and the society we’ve built here in this province, a place where we invest in our next generation and care for our seniors. I’ve had a career as a business owner, as head of a nonprofit, and served as a school trustee, MPP and cabinet minister tasked with fixing some of the toughest files in government. I’ve won all six elections—and I cannot wait until we beat Doug Ford together.”

“My story is only possible because of the society we’ve built in Ontario. I want everyone to have that same shot at success--as the father of two young daughters, as the son of ageing parents. But for too many people, that basic bargain that says hard work will be rewarded and we look after each other—that promise feels like a distant dream. And Doug Ford’s cuts and chaos are simply making things worse for everyday Ontario families.

“But we cannot simply assume that opposing Doug Ford will be enough for our Party to win in 2022,” he argued. “We have to seize the opportunity our devastating defeat in the last election affords us.We have to build a better, new, modern party. This is one of the greatest opportunities in politics: to build a party from the ground up and build from the grassroots.
I fundamentally believe we need to change the Ontario Liberal Party for the better, and focus on converting common challenges in our society into shared opportunities.”

“I have set forward detailed ideas and bold goals about how we improve people’s lives. They’re a combination of new approaches and sensible plans to make government more ethical and responsive so we can focus on our biggest challenges: fighting climate change, thriving in the New Economy and making sure it’s inclusive of everyone and investing in our health and education systems. These goals are about seizing opportunity and ensuring Ontario is once again the best place to raise—and to be—a child,” he concluded.

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