Coteau Slams Ford Tories for Cancelling Hamilton LRT

TORONTO – News today that the Ford Conservative government is cancelling the Hamilton LRT drew a swift condemnation from Liberal leadership candidate and MPP Michael Coteau

“Today Doug Ford and Caroline Mulroney have tried to rip the heart and soul out of Hamilton,” said Coteau. “This is a cruel, destructive and backwards step by a government bent on snuffing out the hope and optimism of the hard-working people of Hamilton.

“Doug Ford is another Conservative cancelling transit projects the way Mike Harris did a generation ago, with no regard for the damage to Hamilton’s revitalization effort and future economic development plans in which the Hamilton LRT plays a pivotal part.

“We need transit investment in Hamilton, the GTHA and in communities across Ontario. The climate crisis is real and we need transit to be a better option. Traffic congestion costs us billions. The status quo is not good enough anymore.

“This arbitrary decision is unacceptable and an affront to our municipalities who must be treated respectfully as partners with the province in transit development and every other key challenge we face.”

In the Liberal leadership race, Coteau has called for massive investment in transit and the incremental implementation of a fare-free transit system to increase ridership and increase participation in the economy by more Ontarians.

He has also called for reform of Metrolinx and other government agencies to strengthen non-partisan, independent, evidence-based decision-making, along with measures to empower municipalities.

Details of Coteau’s ethics, environmental and economic platforms are available at

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