Coteau the first leadership campaign to make donations public and pay registration fee

TORONTO—Ontario Liberal leadership contender Michael Coteau today became the first candidate in the race to disclose his campaign donations and pay his registration fee instalment. Coteau, who today filed his second regular financial disclosure to Elections Ontario, is building a broad-based, sustainable small-dollar donation base. 


“The Ontario Liberal Party needs to be renewed through a sustainable, grassroots effort,” said Coteau. “We need to demonstrate that the same-old, same-old approach of just securing big donations is behind us, and that we’re a new party that can appeal to every person in this province—where the grassroots chip in together to restore decency to politics.”


“Three years ago we changed the political fundraising rules in Ontario to ban corporate and union donations and limit individual contributions. Going forward, parties will have to seek the support of many small donors in order to succeed. We also created a requirement for regular reporting of donations during elections. These measures were meant to increase transparency and limit the influence of big donors,” Coteau said. “If elected, I will further strengthen the law to require real-time disclosure of campaign donations."


In just 20 business days in late July and August, Coteau received over 300 donations from across Ontario—equal to 10 percent of the total donations received by the entire Ontario Liberal Party this full year. With 76 percent of his donations at $100 or less, he is the only candidate to report his donations to Elections Ontario to date, showing a sustainable and growing fundraising base.


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