Ford’s cuts to environmental programs
hurt families

“A recipe for disaster, not savings”: Coteau

NORTH YORK—Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East and Liberal critic for infrastructure and economic development, released the following statement on Doug Ford's cuts to climate-change mitigation programs:

“We are already experiencing heatwaves, forest fires and increased cost from the climate crisis. Rather than fighting the climate crisis, Doug Ford is fighting all efforts by anyone to stop it, and wasting $30 million in the process,” Coteau charged. 

“By cancelling nearly 300 projects, Ford is making life less affordable for families and for municipalities, and ripping away much-needed funding for infrastructure projects in public transit, schools and hospitals. These cuts hurt children and families by jeopardizing our future and abandoning Ontario’s leadership role in fighting climate change,” Coteau added.

“It will cost far more to not fight climate change than to aggressively confront the crisis head-on. Doug Ford’s misguided, ideological cuts are a recipe for disaster, not savings,” Coteau concluded. 

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