Michael Coteau blasts Ford’s Taxpayer-Funded Donor Infomercials

QUEEN’S PARK—Michael Coteau, Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidate and MPP for Don Valley East, blasted Premier Doug Ford’s latest incident of corruption and scandal. 

“This government is being run by lobbyists, and Ford’s staff admit he’s asleep at the wheel,” charged Coteau. “We’ve seen a rampant cronyism scandal. Now we learn Premier Ford films taxpayer-funded infomercials for his Conservative Party donors.” 

“Ford Nation was supposed to be about standing up for the little guy. Instead, friends of Doug Ford and Dean French get cushy jobs, shoutouts in videos and an all-access pass to Conservative MPPs,” Coteau continued. “This government isn’t for the people—it’s for those who are well-connected with deep pockets.”

“What I find most alarming is that every time these scandals surface, Premier Ford’s staff keep claiming he knows nothing about it. Yet, his cabinet approved the cronyism appointments and his own Caucus Services Bureau produces these taxpayer-funded infomercials,” Coteau said. “Either Doug Ford is not telling the truth about his involvement, or someone else is running the Premier’s Office.”

“While the wealthy and well-connected get their way with this government, children and families are facing massive cuts,” Coteau said. “We need to build a province where children are the healthiest, best educated and have the best shot at success. Doug Ford’s priorities are all wrong.”

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