Michael Coteau campaigns in Sudbury

MPP joined local Liberal candidate to speak to voters about Liberals’ positive plan 

SUDBURY—Michael Coteau, the third-term MPP, campaigned Wednesday in Sudbury for his Ontario Liberal leadership candidacy and with Paul Lefebvre, federal Liberal reelection candidate for Sudbury.

“This is a critical election here in Sudbury and across Ontario,” said Coteau. “We know that Conservatives may claim to be ‘for the people’ but their cuts hurt children and families. We need to elect strong, local Liberal candidates to ensure we choose forward in this campaign. I’m so pleased to join such a strong, local, experienced candidate who I know will do a fantastic job representing these communities on Parliament Hill.”  

Coteau and Lefebvre went canvassing door-to-door and Coteau hosted a town hall meeting to hear from local residents and to take questions.

Coteau also addressed the cuts to the Children and Family Resource Centre in Sudbury in a video [https://twitter.com/coteau/status/1174381398502912000].

“Northern families have a specific set of needs. To go from serving 800 young people, down to 100, is ruthless. Conservatives are going to tell you they're doing this because they need to make tough decisions. Well, when it comes to wasting money on stickers that don't stick or tax cuts for the rich versus providing services to our children—that should not be a tough decision,” he said.

“Ultimately, this means Doug Ford is saying kids today aren’t worth the cost. That’s his message—Ontario doesn’t value you. Well, I was that kid who was told someone like you doesn’t matter,” said Coteau. “But I learnt my values because of how I grew up: as a working-class, immigrant kid. And because of where: in an Ontario that gave me a chance to make it.”

“The biggest waste we face in Ontario is the waste of human potential. Doug Ford is in it for tax breaks to the wealthy and big corporations—and cuts for everyone else. I’m in it for children and families, our future,” Coteau declared. 

Michael Coteau immigrated to Canada as a child and grew up in Flemingdon Park, a working-class neighbourhood in North York. The first member of his family to graduate high school and university, he started his own small business, worked as a community organiser and head of a national nonprofit. He was elected to the Toronto District School Board three times and served as vice-chair of the board, championing digital tools in the classroom, equity strategies and community use of schools. Coteau was elected three times as Member of Provincial Parliament for Don Valley East, and served in multiple ministries where he was tasked with bringing people together to fix tough files, including supports for children with autism, reforming services for children in care, delivering a successful Pan-Am Games, supporting film and cultural economic development, and implementing an anti-racism strategy. He and his wife, Lori, are raising two young daughters.

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