Statement from Sara Alimardani, campaign manager for Michael Coteau MPP

NORTH YORK—With the Ontario Liberal leadership race membership drive now closed, Sara Alimardani, campaign manager for Michael Coteau MPP, released the following statement:

“This evening marked the deadline to join the Ontario Liberal Party to vote in the leadership race. We have now completed the first phase of the race. Congratulations to all the candidates and campaign teams for their hard work engaging new members in our party.  

This is a very competitive race. It is now clear that no single candidate has signed up more than half of the party membership. It is also now fully apparent that Michael Coteau MPP is the main challenger to the frontrunner in this race. 

I want to share some key Coteau campaign metrics with our supporters and the media:

  • We have signed up over 8500 new Ontario Liberal Party members well-distributed across the province’s 124 ridings, 13 student clubs and 12 women’s club

  • We have by far the most individual donors with over 650, 3 times as many as the frontrunner

  • We have over 800 volunteers working all across the province, more than any other campaign combined

  • We have raised the second most of any campaign, with more than $60,000 raised in the past two weeks alone

  • Michael Coteau remains the most-searched for candidate according to Google Trends

  • Michael Coteau has won every single election he has ever contested, six in total  

Our campaign will now transition from our membership drive to continued engagement with the grassroots of our party. We look forward to the coming debates to discuss Michael Coteau’s practical plans and bold ideas to make this a better province for everyone. 

We will work collaboratively and respectfully with our fellow candidates to discuss ideas and to earn the support of a growing number of Liberals as we head towards a very competitive delegated convention in March. 

As Michael Coteau said at the ‘showcase’ last week, this race is just getting started and we look forward to the next three months.”

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Jonathan Scott