What they're saying about Michael Coteau MPP after a summer campaigning

TORONTO — Here’s what media, experts and everyday Ontario voters across the province are saying about Michael Coteau MPP after a summer campaigning for Ontario Liberal leader:

"This, for @coteau's campaign, is one of the more professional and well-executed videos of its kind that I've ever seen in Canadian politics.”
— Prof Emmett Macfarlane [https://twitter.com/EmmMacfarlane/status/1168899406567026690

“He’s in stark contrast to Doug Ford, who was born into a wealthy family and was running his father’s business before he became premier. Coteau is a real contender.”
— Keith Leslie [https://www.chch.com/coteaus-liberal-campaign/]

“His candidacy truly launches the race for leadership…Since Michael Coteau still has a seat at Queen's Park, he certainly has an advantage over the other two declared candidates…” 
— Prof Geneviève Tellier in Radio Canada [https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1187270/michael-coteau-course-direction-parti-liberal-ontario]

“Great start. Important message.”
— Irwin Elman, former Ontario Children’s Advocate [https://twitter.com/irwinelman/status/1140371038615801861

“[Coteau] is painting himself as a champion of the underdog who could send Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives packing in the next election…with a very personal video pitch to Ontarians.” 
— Robert Benzie, The Toronto Star

“Michael Coteau brought a message of hope and inclusiveness…”
— Paul Pedro, Blackburn News [https://blackburnnews.com/windsor/windsor-news/2019/06/17/windsor-crucial-building-ontario-liberals/]

“Coteau grew up in Flemingdon, a low-income neighbourhood in Toronto. He became a school trustee who rose to become a trusted cabinet minister who oversaw six different portfolios…often tabbed to take over troubled ministries in need of fixing. Coteau has highlighted his personal narrative so far in his travels, telling QP Briefing that he possesses both the experience and personal story needed to connect the issues to everyday Ontarians.”
— David Hains, QP Briefing [https://www.qpbriefing.com/2019/06/17/coteau-officially-launches-bid-for-liberal-leadership/]

“Had the pleasure of meeting with @couteau at several OAP Advisory Committee mtgs. Regardless of party affiliation, he struck me as a man of integrity, conviction and passionately held views. Good news”
— Dr Umberto Cellupica, Maple Kids Clinic [https://twitter.com/pivotalminds/status/1140346734884900864]

“Proud of you @coteau and beyond thrilled to see this. It’s difficult to put into words what you’ve meant to Carter and I. We wouldn’t be here without you. No one can take that away from us. The message is so real and relevant. Proud of you.”
— Kristen Ellis, autism advocate [https://twitter.com/kristenjelison/status/1140413773959876608]

“You always keep children and families at the heart of all you do! You are a man of great integrity…It is so important to seek out those voices that are missing/not represented in order to break down existing barriers. Nice start @coteau..."
— Karen Bradley, educator [https://twitter.com/KarenBr58443557/status/1140777802066796546]

“Everything that I've read about Coteau tells me that he's a thoughtful, compassionate, and intelligent man - truly the opposite of Doug Ford. He's easily my preferred choice of the declared candidates so far.”
— @Picard_Resist, progressive Twitter activist [https://twitter.com/Picard_Resists/status/1140391419066146816]

“We have someone from our community who is doing his best to make sure that the playing field is level for our children, and that we continue to have a seat at the table of decision makers. I would like to present to you, the one and only Michael Coteau.”
— Toronto Caribbean Newspaper [https://torontocaribbean.com/michael-coteau-levelling-the-playing-field/]

“By extending the idea of charter cities to all larger municipalities and wrapping it up in a broader conversation about responsibilities and taxing powers, Coteau’s proposal could end up offering protection even to those municipal powers that don’t have the force of the Constitution behind them. Make it politically painful to upset the municipal apple cart, and maybe Ford’s successors will be a bit more cautious.”
— John Michael McGrath [https://www.tvo.org/article/why-this-liberal-leadership-hopeful-is-making-a-case-for-charter-cities]

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