What they’re saying…about Michael Coteau’s first two policy papers:

What they’re saying…about Michael Coteau’s first two policy papers:


“Michael Coteau says he wants to eliminate transit fares entirely within a decade, which he argues would pay environmental, economic and social benefits. It’s worth considering.” 
— Matt Elliott, Toronto Star (https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2019/11/11/ttc-fair-discount-program-offers-proof-that-cheaper-transit-can-transform-lives.html)

“I’m with Michael in the sense I wish politicians actually put out ideas to have a real debate…I don’t mind kicking the quote tires on it…for being bold, for being aspirational. Doesn’t mean I agree with it but I like the fact he has the cojones, the potatoes, the stones to put something out there that’s not the same old re-heated stuff I’ve heard a thousand times. In my mind, merits a discussion.”
— Evan Solomon (https://www.iheartradio.ca/580-cfra/podcasts/hour-2-of-the-evan-solomon-show-for-november-12th-2019-1.10213558?mode=Article)

“A bold pledge.” 
— former Toronto city councillor John Campbell

“Michael Coteau is a thoughtful, progressive, and effective leader…Micheal has demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues that matter most to Ontarians living in urban areas like transit and housing. Now, Michael is giving municipalities the respect they deserve, and residents the quality of service they need, with his support for City Charters. Michael Coteau is best positioned to defeat Doug Ford and become the next Premier of Ontario.” 
— Toronto City Councillor Josh Matlow 

“Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to pay a TTC fare ever again? Well it might just happen, because that's what one MPP is promising, should he become the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party come March.”
— BlogTO

"A leadership mentality with a platform to match. @coteau, proud of this initiative“
— Sonya Yalda, Federalism E-Journal

“As an advocate for public transit, this [fare-free transit] is a step in the right direction by @coteau. It will take time, research, and lots of planning, but this is a worthy and achievable goal.”
— Stuart McKay PhD, Ottawa Transit Riders  

“Freedom of movement is a right that will only be realized when we decide, as a society to make it accessible to all. This is a bold plan from @coteau that we can achieve if we put our collective will into it. It's not just about #climatechange. Expansion of basic public services has always been an effective way to generate economic growth among the poorest. For them, transit comprises a substantial portion of their income.”
— Phil Holdsworth, lawyer 

“We need big ideas from our next #olp leader. Everyone who cares about the future of Ontario needs to read this. I said that about @coteau's last paper too! He's on a roll.”
— Jeff Ryback, Adjunct Professor, Rotman 

“I for one support this policy” to lower the voting age to 16.
— Irwin Elman, former Ontario Child Advocate

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