Will Bouma needs to apologise for “callous comment” about children dying in care: Coteau

NORTH YORK—Asked by his local newspaper to justify massive cuts to the Brant Children and Family Services, Conservative MPP Will Bouma said, “kids will not die”.

"Is merely keeping children alive the new threshold this government is setting?” said Liberal MPP Michael Coteau, the former Minister of Children and Youth and Community and Social Services. “I’m simply appalled by this statement and what it suggests." 

“A week ago, Premier Doug Ford was quick to have an MPP apologise to a billionaire NHL team owner. Vulnerable children deserve the same attention from this Premier," added Coteau. "This MPP—the Premier’s personal Parliamentary Assistant—needs to apologise immediately for such a heartless comment.”

“The sad reality is that children have died in our protection services. We need to be doing more to protect our most vulnerable children, not less. In 2017, I led the passage of Bill 89, which sought to strengthen our child-protection laws, raise the age of protection to 18 and put children at the centre of decision-making. Conservative MPPs voted against that bill after outrageous lobbying from social conservatives. Then, they got rid of the Child Advocate and the oversight he provided. Now, they're making massive cuts to child-protection services." 

"Doug Ford and his colleagues appear morally bankrupt and bent on leaving behind our most vulnerable children and families to pursue their extreme right-wing agenda of slashing social services in Brant and across Ontario," Coteau said.

"This is not only an appalling and callous comment, this is also dangerous, destructive behaviour to go along with it. Ontario has to be the best place on the planet to raise a child—where children are the happiest, healthiest, safest and best educated,” Coteau concluded.

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